Oleg Oprisco – Black Sea Mist

Oleg Oprisco

is a photographer with a mission. Each of his shots are well thought out and constructed,….or created by vision. His understanding of film runs deep. He started at age 16 working in a lab in western Ukraine, mastering both film and digital printing. His expertise was especially applied to color. Upon leaving the photo lab, he moved to Kiev. It was his move and subsequent exposure to the Kiev 6C that started him down his film path. That was 2009.


Kiev 6C
© Oleg Oprisco


Kiev 88 Cameras & Kiev 6C

Today, he works with both the Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 cameras. Both are 6×6 cm medium format cameras, that are less utilized in the west, but are quite sharp and capable medium format cameras. He considers himself a fine art photographer, but I can see him doing commercial work very easily. However, his days and nights are taken up with searching for props, locations, light, models, and any other inspiration he can assemble. Plus teaching and sharing his very extensive photographic knowledge.


Kiev 88
© Oleg Oprisco


Oprisco really has a unique vision, especially as it concerns color. Which is why I refer to it as a “Black Sea Mist”. (he lives in Odessa on the Black Sea) As Helmut Newton once commented, “The light in Berlin is both beautiful and unique.”, so it is in Odessa. Like being under a giant softbox with just the right amount ‘hard light’ reflected off the beaches and sea. A perfect storm of light.


Kiev 6C
© Oleg Oprisco


Art in the Ukraine

While consumer interest in art photography is limited in the Ukraine, his inroads in both Russia and Western Europe are allowing him to continue to grow as an artist. More urbane environments are more open to artists of all genres. Musicians, writers, and artists,….photographic and otherwise. As the internet makes the world smaller and smaller, artists are increasing their footprints farther and farther.


Kiev 88 6x6
© Oleg Oprisco


Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

Oprisco only has one main piece of advice for photographers; Shoot, Shoot, Shoot! There is no easy way out. He also believes that no amount of post production will make a bad image good. While he will attend to spotting, dust and scratches, he attacks post-production with a certain minimalism that retains the “film view”.


Russian Cameras
© Oleg Oprisco


For more great images, visit his website below. Share in the “light” of Odessa.




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