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Nina Mouritzen

shoots film. She only shoots in film and still prints in a dark room. Nina has always been, and will always be, interested in both the strengths and limitations of analog photography. And loves the feel of a solid manual SLR camera.  In fact, she has said “a darkroom has a magic about it and she even loves the smell of developer and the texture of the paper”. Her words, not mine.


Nina Mouritzen Shoots Film
© Nina Mouritzen


Nina Mouritzen Shoots Film,…and We’re Glad

Yes. Nina Mouritzen shoots film. Actually, that, in and of itself, is such a big deal. But for her, the process translates well. Why every interview with her rehashes the aspect of her analog choices is not quite clear. As she states herself, the assignments she get hired for is because of her analog perspective,…not in spite of it.  She truly believes no matter how proficient you may be with a computer, the feel and look is never attainable. Nor should it be.


Nina Mouritzen Shoots Film
Nylon Magazine © Nina Mouritzen


She’s been photographing things and life since she was 12 in Copenhagen. As she got older, she realized she had found her life’s work in this little box. Upon arriving in NYC, she had the good fortune to assist Mary Ellen Mark. Although not the beginning of her journey in photography, she felt it was a great stroke of luck, and learned much.


Nina Mouritzen Shoots Film
Musician Trentemøller © Nina Mouritzen


Analog Grows

While being fairly young, one wonders if she will be forced out of analog. Film will dry up,…chemicals will be outlawed! Silly. She firmly believes it will never become  extinct, and analog continues to grow as she gleefully explores all the nuances it has to offer. Not different just to be different. But to express a disappearing  color palette that cannot be faked. There is safety in numbers, and the numbers continue to surge.


Nina Mouritzen Shoots Film
© Nina Mouritzen


Although shes had to do other jobs to support her artistry, those days are quickly coming to an end as more and more commissions and art grants come her way. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for more of the gritty realness of Nina’s world.



canon ae-1
© Nina Mouritzen


She’s youthful, (she was born in 1980), and her photography portrays that youthfulness,…whether she’s photographing some actress or Kate Moss. (a modern day Corinne Day?) She’s definitely part of the ‘Brave New World’ of photography. Either way, we want a book. Find Canon AE-1


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