Is Terry Richardson a Hack?

Terry Richardson

After reading the comments on the Miley and Terry article written, it made me realize how many people are in the dark about Terry Richardson’s talent (and his “Vogue shooting” father Bob). I am a huge fan of Terry, mostly because he has an I don’t give a damn attitude, but he turns out some pretty glorious images when you aren’t paying attention.


Terry Richardson
© Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson – Talent

Most people when they hear the name Terry Richardson think creepy, old, incredibly lucky photographer who gets to see a lot of boobs. But in reality he is highly talented and brought in millions last year for doing much more than mediocre white wall shots.


Terry Richardson
© Terry Richardson – Kate Moss


Little known, Terry doesn’t just shoot white wall shots of provocative young women. So I wanted to bring to light a list of campaigns and editorials that he has worked on.

Even Yves Saint Laurent Thinks So

Terry has shot the Yves Saint Laurent campaigns since 2010,… Bongo, Aldo, Summer 2013 for H&M, multiple shoots for Harpers Bazaar with Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel as well as numerous campaigns for most international Vogues.


Jared Leto
© Terry Richardson – Jared Leto


I think the biggest problem with Richardson is that his personal work is so easily available on his Tumblr. Everyone sees the boobs and babes go up so quickly that they forget the photos he posts on his site. Today he even posted a photo in the Brazilian rain forest with an indigenous tribe. His random personal work might not be appreciated by the masses, but his commissioned work is top notch.


© Terry Richardson – Rhianna


Style is Subjective

Now, I know he no longer shoots film. But he did come from the Yashica T4 era, and all the early Sisley IS film. You may not like his style, but he is no hack. He did also use a film Nikon at times. Same on camera flash close to lens axis.  Yashica T4s and Contax T2s/T3s keep rising in price,…digital age or not. They are revered for a reason. Find Yashica T4




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  1. Terry Richardson…hack personified. More importantly, a person who seemingly preys on women but has enjoyed continued success because people choose to look the other way…as they should when viewing is mediocre images. Sad.

  2. Well, for some reason this subject is controversial. But if anyone thinks either Terry Richardson, or his father Bob Richardson, don’t know what they are doing, they are sorely mistaken. Now people may not like his style. That’s fine. Or his personal lifestyle. That’s fine. (I didn’t like Clinton’s personal lifestyle, but he was an OK President) One really has nothing to do with another. But does he know what he’s doing? Yes, he does. Opinions may vary. That’s fine. We all know what opinions are like. 😉

  3. I’ve never read this site before, but once I saw the claim that Terry Richardson is talented and not just some privileged hack with rich parents and connections, I knew I never would again. Anyone can do what Terry Richardson does if they had some models, cocaine, and a camera. Give me a break.

  4. Hi Joe,

    He did not come from wealth. Quite the opposite. You get models by going to the agencies, and if they like your work, they send new models for tests in exchange for prints. The only thing his father was capable of doing at that time is telling him the same thing I just told you. Beat the pavement. If “anyone” can do the same thing,…do it. Good luck. 😊


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