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Motoyuki Daifu’s work is messy, to say the least. Daifu is a young Japanese film photographer and artist. Surprisingly, although working in color, it appears Araki is a large part of the impetus behind his work. Like Araki, he represents his life in the most bare knuckle and honest of ways.Mostly he photographs and finds art everywhere he looks,…including his home.


Motoyuki Daifu


A Cacophony of Color

While Motoyuki Daifu lives with his parents and siblings, the honesty of life in a Japanese household is exposed in only the brightest of lights. Laundry, dishes, food and general household chaos is to be celebrated. Not hidden behind closed doors. It’s almost humorous in it’s presentation, but porn like in it’s sheer audacity of color. Hence, the comparison to Araki.


Contax T3
Motoyuki Daifu


A Young Japanese Film Photographer

It is not unusual for young Japanese photographers to put an Araki or Moriyama on a pedestal. But, other than the snapshot aesthetic, Motoyuki Daifu has transcended that comparison to carve out his own rising star niche.


Art Photography
Motoyuki Daifu


Although he rarely displays nudity in his work, there’s a naughtiness to exposing the inner workings of a Japanese lifestyle that seems to break down all the misconceptions held by westerners. After all, all civilized cultures in the end exhibit more sameness to each other than differences. In Motoyuki Daifu’s world, clutter is king. As I suspect is common worldwide.


Contax G2
Motoyuki Daifu


His book, “Project Family”, is published in the tradition of an Araki. Along with his American released monograph, “Lovesody”, I suspect it is the beginning of wider recognition to come. At least it is an important start in the career of someone still in their 20’s.


Gallery Show


Simplicity in Contax

Motoyuki Daifu has used SLR’s, but he now limits himself to a Contax T3 and Contax G2. It’s actually the Zeiss look that inspires him, including using a Zeiss lens during his brief foray with an SLR. Kodak Portra is his film of choice. Visit his website to see more of his use of color and composition. Might as well get on the bandwagon early.

Motoyuki Daifu’s Website

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