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Brigette Bloom

is still in her twenties, but her penchant for discovery and a “I’ll try anything once” attitude still abounds and is probably part of her psyche. She treats film more as a malleable medium than a strict, by the book exercise. She works almost exclusively with either a Nikon FM2 or a Polaroid Spectra. But this is not what makes her work unique. Her experimenting with exposing film to a variety of substances to organically alter the final images. Those substances include lemon juice, wine, soapy water, or just tossing it in the wash. And, yes, soaking the film in her own pee. Now that’s a “marking my territory” move if I ever knew one.


Nikon FM2
© Brigette Bloom


The outputs are exciting and original. According to the Huffington Post, it’s just something she does to stretch the boundaries of film. She’s never thought of it as a gimmick. And as it turns out, the images reflect the seriousness of that artistic endeavor. As she states, her work is all about “embracing the unknown”. As she evolves, her work has become more and more conceptual. Just watching the growth of an artist can be exciting for both the artist and the viewer.


© Brigette Bloom


Brigette Bloom is dreaming of the day she has her own darkroom and is shooting 8×10 wet plate, cyanotype, salt paper and emulsion transfers. Her photographic journey has just begun, but if originality were doubloons of gold, she’d be King of the world. (uhhh,…Queen) Even Brigette Bloom knows that lifes happy accidents sometimes produce new beginnings and immeasureable artistic insight.


© Brigette Bloom


Being the “Dream Weaver” of photographs is a direction she now embraces in her work. It’s a brave way of working. There are no absolutes. But when she hits the mark, it usually exceeds her expectations. Like nature. Organic and forever evolving. While the female form, including her own, has been an impetus to celebrate. Especially the differences in body types. In an ever increasing world that appears out of balance with nature and it’s natural forms. Nature has always been her refuge and the one constant in her life and travels, giving her great solace and inspiring her direction. From desert to forest.


© Brigette Bloom


Visit her site below for more great imaging. And remember,….Brigette Bloom is moving analog to new heights with her unorthodox, one of a kind images. She’s not just the girl who pees on film.




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