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Giulia Bersani

Based in Milan, Zenit 122-user and film photographer Giulia Bersani is a film photographer born in Milan, Italy in 1992. Not that unusual. (except for being a young film user) But her camera of choice? A Zenit 122. Which only proves beyond any doubt two things. One is a Zenit 122, which is a Russian camera, and is a very capable camera and lens. Two,…a great photographer can make great images, irrespective of equipment. Like Leanne Surfleet, Zenits are just users,….plain and simple.


Giulia Bersani



Zenit 122


Zenit 122 and “Love”

She’s only been shooting a short time but her following is growing quickly. Why “lovers”? Well, it’s a theme that seems to weave through all her images. Moments of un-posed intimacy. (not counting the self portraits) At 18 years old she attended a photography course at Bauer in Milan. She self published her first book, “Lovers”, in 2014. It promptly sold out. By 21, while still a student at University, she started working, assisting and taking part in exhibitions.



What is amazing is the beautiful colors, yet simplicity, of her images. All taken with a camera that can be had on Ebay, with lens, for under $100! I’m talking about a mint example. Do Art Directors care? Guess not, since she’s already done a dozen exhibitions, i-D magazine, Italian Rolling Stone, and lots more.


Giulia Bersani




Platonic Love

It’s when you’re “alone” that you have the greatest epiphanies. In the case of Giulia Bersani, it was in that time that the true meaning of being a couple really sank in. She thinks that people are actually searching for “true” love. Platonic love. Seeing people as perfect is many times the death knell for romantic love. Especially as that true love is closer than you think. It’s a project that has been very fertile ground for images. After all, love is all around us in our everyday lives. And so that has been for the ages.


Zenit 122





The Zenit 122

This Russian camera was made for the Soviet military, and as such, is quite rugged. About the only part that is suspect is the meter. Try to find one with a good (accurate) meter. The Helios lenses are very sharp. It comes in either the M42 screw mount version or Pentax K bayonet mount version. (122K) Probably the most inexpensive SLR on the market today. Under $100 with lens! Only what you need,…no fancy options. However,..very, very CHEAP!

Beautiful Sensors – Film

Giulia Bersani has discovered a sensor that exhibits the subtlety of color and grain that needs no “post”. Film. One dedicated to “intimacy” in photography deserves nothing less. Find Zenit





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