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“I only shoot on film. I think real film and shooting in reality sets up a wall of parameters you can work within. Already, life itself offers so much scope. I have a rhythm and it’s a rhythm of 12 exposures on a roll of film. I really think about the picture when I take it. I’ve experimented a lot with a digital camera, but when I take a picture on my 6×7 camera that gives me a negative about that big,” he says, holding up the palm of his hand, “and I blow it up for a big print in a show, that’s what I love, that’s what I signed up for.” ~ Tim Walker


Pentax 67


Tim Walker Shoots Film

OK, that’s all I need to know. Everyone insists that Tim Walker is digital. Tim Walker’s fantastical imaging must be digital. His constant work in Vogue and other periodicals must be digital. His high end campaigns must be digital. After all, what art director would let him shoot film at that level? Well, sorry to disappoint,…but it’s film. Mostly 6×7 employing a Pentax 67 camera.


Pentax 6x7


Tim Walker is probably the Avedon of our era. (see below) I have yet to see an image by him that doesn’t inspire. Tim Walker is probably one of the most creative photographers today. Words like magical, creative, whimsical and exquisite are always part of the wording used when describing this British photographers work.


Medium Format


A Fast Start

Tim Walker entered The Independent’s photography awards, and led to a degree at Exeter College of Art. Upon graduation, he moved to NYC, and became Avedon’s first assistant.  I’m sure that experience exposed him to only the highest of production values. When he returned home, he concentrated on portraiture and doing work for various newspapers. But in 2005, at only 35, he shot his first editorial for British Vogue! And it was “off to the races”.


Vogue Leopard


Major Exhibitions and Books

By 2008, he already had his first major exhibition, and released his first book, “Pictures”. Now he’s hugely popular in with all the major magazines and high end designers. His blistering career has catapulted him to the top of the very competitive fashion industry at a surprisingly young age.


Analog Camera


But in the end, Tim Walker believes it’s what’s in your mind’s eye that’s important, and a camera is nothing more than a box. From an Instamatic to his present day equipment, Tim Walker’s philosophy should be an inspiration for young photographers. Find Pentax 6×7


Film is not Dead

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