Sophie Van Der Perre and the Femme Fatale

Sophie Van Der Perre

Usually going backwards is reactionary. In the case of Sophie Van Der Perre, her seeming return to a 60s feel is producing a newness mixed with a nostalgia not present in todays images. Sophie Van Der Perre was born in 1987 in Belgium and is based in Amsterdam. She did assist with Ryan McGinley, but her images are her own. Beautifully raw.




Sophie Van Der Perre and Analog

Sophie Van Der Perre chooses to use analog cameras and Polaroids. She feels it gives her a purity that has somehow been lost in the sea of sameness in imaging today. She considers herself a documentary photographer, but curiously the fashion crowd insists she’s a fashion photographer. Well, a rose by any other name is still a rose.


Ilford Film


Her cameras, while varied, are all analog. The Canon FTB, Nikon F3, a Hasselblad, Polaroid, and an Olympus MJU I. (Yes I, not II)

When viewing her photographs, a certain gypsy or hippie freedom comes to mind. Young girls exposing the femme fatale demeanor of their natural beauty. Sans make-up or other social accoutrements. Almost an extension of a Corrine Day. (RIP)


Sophie Van Der Perre


But she feels her images are more akin to intimate portraits, as opposed to showing clothes. However, it’s her stylish visionary eye that has been the impetus behind a gaggle of fashion magazines and designer interest. Add to that, the seemingly modern locations, producing images that are both timeless but new.


Sophie Van Der Perre


My Portrait Diary

While she feels her inclination to what she refers to as “careless” portraiture, she believes it is her real strength in photography. Others would refer to that as free wheeling passion. While presenting women as women,… naturally. Far from the piercing gaze of men and their false assumptions. Being real, being true. Her quest is really to expose the personality and charm of these beautiful women. Although she doesn’t “hate” digital or Photoshop, she feels you never know what’s real and what’s not. Plus, she just loves the organic grain in analog photography. And even the mistakes. Some ‘mistakes’ being just artistic revelations.


Sophie Van Der Perre


Surprisingly, as she does more and more commercial work, her work has changed very little from her former diarist style. In fact, her agent actually promotes her style. Although she does have to shoot certain commercial jobs digitally, she tries to imbibe the same vision as her film work. Group shows in Amsterdam have been well received. While juggling increasing commercial work, she’s working on an ongoing series with friends, (muses), that she hopes will be a book in the near future. Check out her website.  Find Nikon F3


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