Raw Meat

Black and White

and pseudo grunge make a good visual combo. Raw Meat ,… Or is it punk? Goth? Raver? Maybe it’s just the new norm. I’m calling it “Raw Meat”, because, while I have 12-14 tats myself, I’m not hip enough to keep up with all the cool lingo. So, I’m making up my own tags.


Raw Meat


Raw Meat – Is Styling Dead?

Youth will always win, no matter what we do. No, you’ve passed ‘youth’ at 30. Sorry. It seems like 30 should really be the new 20,…but it ain’t. So, be the man, (or woman), to record the wild life. The one you were a part of not so long ago. You can be inspired and make an editorial out of almost anything. A partial look. An off moment. A jacket back. While I like color photos, it’s black and white where my heart is. Especially film B&W.


Raw Meat


Who needs Chanel, and all that couture? Those times are gone. We live in a virtual world. We are the soldiers of Minecraft. Reality has slipped through our fingers, and overly expensive accessories have become nothing more than a footnote. Realness has become more compelling than shiny things that hide who we really are.


120 film


Graphic structure, and feeling the moment seem to have won out in this round. If it’s this side of the coin you fall on, the battle is yours. But beware,…the war is not yet won. The fashionistas have something up their sleeves to entice.


35mm slr


Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh is a great resource to study for B+W engaging images,Β  sans the “color crutch”. But new photographers are expanding the mono landscape without the absolute need of a bevy of stylists, make-up artists and super models. Concentrate on the graphics, angles, real expressions and the thing that makes that person special. If you seek, you shall find. The film camera used by B+W icons Ellen von Unwerth and Peter Lindbergh was the Nikon F5 The sensor was the same for everyone. 😎

Addendum; β€œIt is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Lindbergh on September 3rd 2019, at the age of 74.”



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