Nóra Barabás – Hungarian Rhapsody

Nóra Barabás is a Hungarian photographer. Shooting almost entirely in black and white, and using a variety of techniques – such as multiple, double and long exposures – Nóra is attempting to show how emotional states affect our perception of the world, and how external realities influence our feelings.



Nóra Barabás – Human Emotion in Monotones

Her photographs are contemplative, often exploring questions of isolation – not only in its negative context, but as a force shaping human self-awareness. A swirl of grain, darkness and ghostly images looking deep into the abstract of everyday life.



Nóra’s total switch to analog photography some 4 years ago has added a new texture and atmosphere to her images. The necessity of slowing down her process, and not having that instant feedback has made her images 10 fold more visually meditative.


Kodak Tri-x


While Nóra’s photography has always been her “mirror of different emotions”, it’s in photography that she has found her true form of self expression. She feels capturing emotions and states of mind are what inspire her.


analog photography


It’s Not the Camera

Where have I heard that before? Along with her Minolta SRT 100B, which is an amazingly good SLR that very few photographers know about. And cheap, but excellent Rokkor lenses. With her favorite film, Kodak Professional Tri-X 400, she is carving a significant path. She has already participated in group exhibits in Great Britain.  As her vision develops, she will be expanding her sphere of influence. Her use of grain as an actual important component of an image is the antithesis of the usual photographic mindset. It accentuates a ‘style’ rather than a ‘problematic’ film offshoot.


Minolta SRT 100


However, for someone born in 1990, she has come a long way in a short time. See more of Nóra’s works and follow her on Instagram. Find Minolta SRT 100 or Find Minolta SRT 101



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