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Miguel Soll

is a Pentax K1000 photographer,…mostly. Sometimes an Olympus MJU II. Well, being a young dedicated film photographer would appear to be enough. But when asked what his dream camera is, he says Yashica T4! For a photographer in his 20’s from Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, he has come a long way. All the while dedicated to film.


Pentax K1000 photographer


Brazilian Passion and Film

His studies take up much of his time, but he’ll admit it’s photography which is his true passion. He would like to expose his youth through his lens. His snapshot aesthetic is purposeful. He shoots film precisely to free himself of technique and allow the process and its randomness take over. As he says, “Like life.” As in a Jackson Pollock painting,…throwing paint at a canvas,…but with an eye to do so.


Pentax K1000 photographer


He admires Ryan McGinley and others, but the style is Miguel. His love of those reflections and overexposures, finds his aesthetic outside the norm of accepted composition. He did take a class in photography at school, and is aware of some of the “rules”. But the core of his work, and the self prescribed photo stories,  focus on deconstructing those rules. He finds his work a melding of photographic genres, and feels he’s too young to be pigeon holed yet.


Pentax K1000 photographer


But it’s his affinity with analog photography and being a Pentax K1000 photographer that sets him apart. Probably the simplest of all SLR cameras. No over saturated digital anomalies here. Just the pure glory of film.


Pentax K1000 photographer


Pentax K1000 Photographer – Simplicity Rules

He usually uses a Pentax K1000. (but carries an Olympus MJU II everywhere) However, as said above, he aspires to a Yashica T4.  Most people would say Leica or Nikon or something. But the Yashicas are fairly rare in Brazil, hence their ‘exotic’ stature.


Pentax K1000 photographer


The Future?

He doesn’t know where his life is headed right now. But although he may not see it, that’s OK. The beauty of youth. He just knows that a photo with feeling overrides composition. Having already done Dazed and Confused, Vice Germany and a myriad of others, he’s off to a good start. See his website below. Find Pentax K1000 or Find Olympus MJU II


Miguel Soll Website

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