Lomo’Instant Square

A Revolution?

Full disclosure,…I love the bigger square format cameras offered by Impossible. I also prefer the Fujifilm Instax for both color and price. But I’m not in love with their “toy” cameras. They certainly work well enough, but if I could have an old Polaroid SX-70, (I do), that used the Instax film, I would be a happy camper. Now comes along Lomo and their square format camera. Not quite the old Spectres and SX-70’s, but at least we’re moving in the right direction. And you don’t feel like a ‘Barbie’ when using Instax film.  Plus, it’s foldable!! Yay! And it’s not the SD card carrying Fuji SQ10.


Lomo'Instant Square


Lomo'Instant Square


Lomo’Instant Square – The Right Direction

So, I’ll just use Lomo’s copy, specs and tell you the camera will be released January 24  at the NYC Lomography store. They come as the basic camera with the accessories listed below, and also a much more extensive ‘combo’ package. For more info, click on the website link here. They start at $199. You’ll see they’re “plastic”, but it’s the good stuff, like the Lomo’Instant or Instant Wide.


Lomo'Instant Square


The Lomo’Instant Square is the first and only fully analog instant camera on the planet Earth to produce Instax square pictures. It lets you capture the world in a powerful snapshot while the square frame paves the way for wacky compositions. With a 95mm glass lens (45mm equivalent) and an automatic mode that takes care of exposure, the Lomo’Instant Square makes shooting super sharp, perfectly exposed snaps easy.


Lomo'Instant Square


With a foldable bellows design that keeps it compact and portable, the Lomo’Instant Square is a little instant camera perfectly adapted to capture your big adventures. And as it’s packed with all of Lomography’s signature creative features, you can stuff your squares with artistic antics.


Lomo'Instant Square


Lomo'Instant Square

The Lomo’Instant Square is the product of our years of experience developing instant cameras combined with the inspiration we get from the ever-more-adventurous Lomo Community.


Lomo'Instant Square


Square Format

Works with Fujifilm Instax Square Film to give you a perfectly balanced frame with a scale of 1:1 — the iconic format that made instant photography what it is today. It dares you to make your subject the center of the universe, and leaves plenty of space for creative composition.

Auto Mode

Automatically adjusts shutter speed, aperture and flash output; and makes sure that your shots are perfectly exposed — no matter where you’re exploring or what you’re discovering

Foldable Bellows Design

Looks super cool and lets you reduce the Lomo’Instant Square to a third of its size.

Self Timer

Gives you time to run, jump, grab your best friend and strike a pose.

Remote Control Shutter Release

Snaps your shutter from afar so that you can focus on diving into the good madness.

Multiple Exposure Mode

Lets you layer up the loco by exposing one frame as many times as you like.

Long Exposure Mode

Keeps your shutter open for as long as 30 seconds so that you can unleash your creativity in crazy light paintings.

Exposure Compensation:

Lightens or darkens your frame so that you can be master of your own destiny.

Built-In Flash & Flash Off Mode

Lets you decide just how much light you want to shine on your shenanigans.

Color Gel Flash Filters

Slide over your flash to tint your squares a whole new color — everything you need to ride the rainbow!


Photo clips, photo stands, glue dots and magnet stickers to display your super square frames.

Shooting Tip Cards

25 ways to keep the inspiration rolling. Give them a try and then see what else you can come up with!

Basic Package includes:

Square Camera in Black, White or Pigalle (the fancy one)
Remote control shutter release
Four color Gel Flash Filters
Paper frames to display your instant photos
Magnet stickers to display your instant photos
Glue dots to stick your instant pictures
Photo clips to build structures out of your instant snaps


Cable Release Connection

Battery Type2 x CR2 batteries (2 x 3V)
Available Aperturesf/10, f/22
Shutter SpeedsBulb Mode up to 30 sec, Auto Mode 8s to 1/250
Focal Length95mm
Film advanceAutomatic
Flash connectionBuilt-in Flash
FocusingZone Focusing
Focusing Distance0.8m / 1-2.5m / infinity (pre-set at 1-2.5m)
Frame CounterLED indication
Tripod MountYes
View Finder

Real-image viewfinder





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