Li Hui and Soft Grain Feelings

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Li Hui was born in 1977 in Beijing, China. Using her Nikon FM2, she is dedicated to exhibiting “feelings”. Even when another photographer might feel that glare or too much grain might be “bad”, she considers it a good thing. Maybe that’s because it was art, not photography, she studied in school.



Soft Imaging

Her soft low contrast images and clear colors give a certain magical sensuality to her images. About her only “trick”, if you can call it that, is her occassional use of double exposures. Her preoccupation with anonymous portraiture rarely exposes faces. Even when it’s a self portrait. While some may find this depressive, I believe it just exemplifies an example of artistic privacy. Especially in a world where privacy is almost non-existent.


soft images


She hopes to impart an almost surreal fantasy in images. To leave reality, if only for a moment in time.Li Hui has had her work featured in many international publications, and her style is becoming quite recognizable outside of China. She received her first camera at age 10 from her father. But it wasn’t until 2009 that she returned to photographing her surroundings. Mostly to document her feelings,…not really with a goal of becoming a professional photographer.


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Analog Dreams

She prefers analog photography for the soft rendering of colors, the drawing of natural light and for the surprises produced. It’s body language that she finds most revealing. Hence it is rare she includes the face of a model. She considers her work more of a movie, as opposed to singular images. Along with her sculpture, it’s her imagination that she strives to express.




The Nikon FM2 – Beyond Capable

Her main, and favorite camera, is the Nikon FM2. A good choice for a true artist. And when putting dreams on film, I can think of no better tool. Find Nikon FM 2

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