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Young film photographer and visual artist Julia Updegraff is only 19. She’s already making her bones, and heading to Parsons in NYC. Her choice of cameras right now are the Yashica T4. Her choice of films is,…color, color, color! Not that she’ll never shoot black and white. She just hasn’t got around to it yet. She’s young!


young film photographers


Young Film Photographer – Youthful Vigor

Why feature her? No, I don’t know her. Simple; she’s the youngest film photographer I know on the social media map. And, I like her stuff. She is really at the point of documenting what’s around her, while staying immersed in the moment, But more than that,…she is setting up art projects and other visuals, and just happens to be using a camera. Color is a big deal in all her art,…photographic or otherwise.



Young Film Photographers


The Yashica T4 has been with her since high school, (not that long ago), and goes everywhere with her. She has started experimenting with a lot of different films.  Mostly out of artistic curiosity, as she bores easily. A typical journey of discovery for most artists. And Julia Updegraff thinks of herself more as an artist than photographer.

Planned and Unplanned

Planned shoots with the T4 are a combo of what she sees in her head, and running around her environment and mentally snatching up ideas. But it’s not an easy road to travel. Especially as she’s from St. Petersburg, Florida, and in past months had her favorite film developer close it’s doors. But that’s just a bump in the road.


young film photographers


She’s already created a magazine, Mouthwash, at her young age. And while it’s more of an art project than a business enterprise, the sheer audacity of tackling such a project at such a young age shows we have much to look forward to from this artist. Art is just doing. The how will work itself out.


young film photographers


You Ain’t in Kansas Anymore…

I have personally lived in St. Petersburg, (Treasure Island), and many years in NYC, (West Village),  Ms. Updegraff is in for culture shock. But I’m most assured she can handle it, and will thrive at Parsons. One problem she’ll lose is getting film developed in Manhattan.


young film photographers


NYC will be a treasure trove of inspiration,…and Parsons more so. We look  ahead in anticipation for a career of colorful images as our newest young film photographer starts her life’s journey. Find Yashica T4

Julia Updegraff Website



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