Jody Rogac – Intimately Soft

Jody Rogac

started her career with a classic Hasselblad, and has always remained true to her roots. And vision. Along with her first book, “In Between”, published by Alldayeveryday, she has maintained a soft analog sense since inception.


Kodak Portra 800


Hasselblad and Portra

She prefers the slower process of both analog and medium format. She obviously likes to photograph people, but is more fluid when it comes to portraiture vs. fashion, or studio vs. location. The serenity that her work exudes is both a product of the great respect she has for her sitters and the poise she elicits from them.


Ilford 3200


Her commercial work and her personal work seem to meld into a distinctive style that one could only describe as “quietly soft”. Small production or large, the output appears seamlessly melded. A large part of this can be attributed to the Hasselblad and being forced into peering thoughtfully into the viewfinder. I would venture to guess the distinctive muffled clunk of the Hasselblad shutter inducing an almost meditative ambiance. For both sitter and photographer.




Comfortable Serenity

OK. Forget all my Zen fantasies. The point is, her work is rewarding no matter the size of the production. If she can make her subjects relaxed and comfortable, and capture just that nanosecond of someone lost in thought, then she has accomplished her goal. Despite that some aspire to “revealing someone’s soul”,…just getting a great image will do. We’ll leave the soul catching to a higher deity.


Ilford Delta


If It Ain’t Broke…

Portra and Ilford are the films she uses extensively, including Ilford Delta 3200! Quite a unique choice for portraiture. (or fashion) But like I always say,…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. She has really carved out a unique niche with her natural light photography and choice of films. Kudos to her.


Portra 400


Jody Rogac resides in New York City. Visit her site to see more work from this rising young film photographer and former PDN 30 under 30 recipient.


Jody Rogac’s Website





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