The MiNT RF70 – First Pics

InstantKon RF70…

is a full manual large format instant camera created by local brand MiNT Camera. First an idea,…now a reality, with the first images by 4 different photographers.


Test Images from Production Models

InstantKon RF70
© Stéphane Heinz




InstantKon RF70
© Eric C.




InstantKon RF70
© Mark Chan




InstantKon RF70
© Earl Dieta




Instax Wide Film

From shutter control on SLR670-S to aperture priority on TL70, the latest Mint RF70 pushes the boundaries further. For the first time ever, it is the first Instax Wide film camera that you can set aperture, shutter speed, focus etc. With the clarity and vividness of instant wide films, RF70 is what all photographers will ever desire. Its aspherical glass lenses structure will ensure the sharpest and the most meticulous images. RF70 is so compact and portable thanks to the rangefinder focus and collapsible bellow design.

RF70 enables photographers to capture precious moments in special venues such as wedding, adventure travel, portrait, fashion show, street snaps, or even night scene.

We believe when imagination meets technology, it becomes more than just an image. When instant camera is no longer a party thing, RF70 opens up a new world of photography.







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