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Well, I’m officially lazy. As you can see below, I’ve provided a link to an article written by the Guardian,…and everyone knows, if the Guardian says they’ve “seen Princess Di walking the streets of London”, it must be true. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must first tell everyone, while the Guardian is a British paper, I’m actually American. Second, I’m unashamedly using them as ‘back up’ to my rantings on film photography. While I’ll quote famous modern photographers using film, the resurgence of Ilford film sales to millenials and how film photography is the “new black”, I don’t think everyone’s on board. I constantly receive emails stating simply,…”Really?”. OK, now you’ll hear it directly from a non-photographic news outlet. Although, other than Instax, I intuitively feel the single largest grouping of the new analog aficionados is European and Asian.


Contax T2 – Along with it’s sister, the T3, one of the most expensive Point & Shoots


Nikon F3 w/ MotorDrive


Nikon F5
Nikon F5


Pentax 67 II
Pentax 67 II, HUMONGOUS negative!


Nikon D810
Nikon D810 DSLR…Film photographers don’t ‘hate’ digital!


A Rolleiflex Return?

While you’ll see me promoting Contax T2‘s, Nikon F3‘s, Nikon F5‘s or my Contax G1 with the Luigi case shown above, plus medium and large format cameras like the Pentax 67, people who know me realize I have no actual aversion to digital and will whip out my Nikon D810 when required. But my film images are always more satisfying, and I prefer to just leave the digital on the shelf when I can. Even Rolleiflex still maintains a website and only ceased production of their TLR’s in 2012. Maybe making plans on coming back? But, hey, who am I? I’m just one person with an opinion who’s unabashedly promoting film. So if you don’t believe me,… or Ilford,… or Lomography,…well, here’s the Guardians’ take;


Guardian Film Renaissance Article





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