Fujifilm Mini 8 vs Fujifilm Mini 9

Did you know…

that Fuji sold more Instax cameras than all their digital cameras combined? As impressive as that may be, when it comes to the Fujifilm Mini 8 and the new Fujifilm Mini 9,… this is going to be the shortest review on earth.  First price. Since they both cost the same, (couple of dollars difference), get the Mini 9. Because it’s better? No. Because Fujifilm has discontinued the Mini 8, and any one you could find is just old stock. And you’re not saving much money.


Fujifilm Mini 9
New Colors


Fujifilm Mini 9 – A Consumer Upgrade

Now, the differences. Is this an upgrade? Sure. If you think new colors, a selfie mirror, a plastic attachable “macro” lens and a more fashionable strap is an upgrade,….then, yeah, it’s an upgrade. Everything else is the same. If you have a Mini 8, I wouldn’t spend my money. But if you’re a first time buyer, the get the Mini 9.


No more black?


The Fujifilm Mini 9 selfie mirror near the lens and macro attachment are actually an improvement. (unless you have the arms of an orangutan) They are really both very helpful with selfies.  With the macro attachment, close focus goes from 60 cm to 35 cm. And it snaps right on. And that “selfie” mirror is really helpful for face/frontal shots. That said, there are after market close-up lenses with a selfie mirror for the Mini 8 on Amazon and Ebay. So I guess Fuji was just fulfilling a need.


Fujifilm Mini 9
After Market Selfie/Macro attachments and old colors


Pink Flamingo?

The colors? Eh. I guess that have cool, new colors. But they dropped black. But then, I didn’t know any ‘serious’ photographers using a Mini, anyway. I personally have a Neo 90, Wide 300, and of course, an old Polaroid SX-70. But the images out of the Mini’s are as good as the more expensive Fujifilm Instax cameras.

The strap has a little fake leather end, and is more fashionable. I guess. Since I’m not a “Hello Kitty” kind of guy, I don’t care. With all this seeming negativity, let me be clear. This camera, as its’ other Instax brethren, takes awesome, colorful pictures. And it’s CHEAP!! If you want a simple, easy to use, instant film camera that even a 2 year old can handle, then this baby is for you. But if you don’t need the close-up lens, (or want to buy the after market add-on), and a few bucks savings makes your day, then Find Mini 8.



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  1. Thanks – was wondering why they discontinued- I love my Fuji Insta. 🙂

  2. Hi Katie,
    Uhhh…they didn’t. Of course the Mini 9 replaced the Mini 8, but even the Mini 8 is still available as “old” stock. If you know something I don’t,…..well? 😊


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