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Ellen Rogers

is a film only art and fashion photographer and visual artist. She was born in Norfolk, England in 1983. So she’s still quite young. When it comes to equipment or film, she’s quite secretive. Although she has been filmed with 4×5 equipment. But when it comes to other things, she’s more than glad to share. She loves Artichokes, Lolita, (the book),…and Shoes! (an oxymoron?….what girl doesn’t love “shoes”)


© Ellen Rogers


Ellen Rogers Analog

Ok. She’s British, so is it Ellen Rogers analogue,…not Ellen Rogers analog? Either/Or, her work is her own no matter how you spell it. And whether shooting or in the darkroom, she’d prefer to keep her intimacies to herself. Dad was a photographer, and gave her that first camera at 16;… a Yashicamat. As silly as it may sound to the technocrats out there, her love for that camera had a lot to do with the finely weathered leather case and plush lining. A good indication of why she’s remained “analog” and found a great appreciation for antique photographic gear. A tip of the hat to viewing photography as true art.


4x5 Antique Camera
© Ellen Rogers


Ellen Rogers has already been featured in magazines such as i-D magazine, Vice, Tank, Dazed And Confused, Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar China. Many designers, including Alice Temperley, are using her now to impart that almost “non photographic” look to campaigns, look books and more.


Ellen Rogers
© Ellen Rogers


Analog Nirvana in a Digital World

Although only turning professional for a short time, she graduated with a Masters in photography from Goldsmiths College in 2007. Besides being a ‘darkroom maven’, she lectures in photography and dedicates time to her writings on spirituality. Now based in London, her commercial work is growing. But she tries to leave ample time for her personal work.


Analog Photography
© Ellen Rogers


Young and vibrant, she’s no Luddite. But it’s her all analog approach, and unique darkroom techniques, plus sheer artistic experimentation, that has elevated her above her peers. Her appreciation for old processes, film and her collecting of old film cameras, has shown that her only interest is the image itself. And the feelings they imbibe. The courage to make an Art Director ‘wait’ for the outcome is no small feat.  Especially as her approach is both measured and sure, but still filled with surprises. The way photography, (art), should be. Find Yashicamat







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