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Edie Sunday

…if I were in a box, I would say she’s an artist first, photographer second. Analog Photography Art, so to speak. But her love of film and Polaroid, (Polacolor), puts her right dab in the middle of the question, “Why film?” Her answer,…“I’ve been shooting film since I could press the button on a Polaroid camera. Because shooting film was and still is my way of finding magic, beauty, and meaning in this world” Well, that’s good enough for me.


Analog Photography Art


Edie Sunday and Analog Photography Art

An interest in photography and psychology from her her early teens created somewhat of an internal conflict. Growing up in Houston, the 20 something Austin, Texas artist/photographer needed to make a decision. For the schooling thing, she chose psychology. But uses the photography to translate the inner feelings in a visual manner. A perfect symbiosis of mind and art. A form of personal therapy for all the world to see.


Analog Photography Art


She loves all her cameras, and uses the one she finds most appropriate for each project. They include Pentax Spotmatic II, Canon A-1, Mamiya RB67 (using Polacolor), and a sweet 4×5 Graflex Crown Graphic. Her arsenal is fairly extensive, but still all film.


Analog Photography Art


Psychotherapeutic Photography

Her images use a lot of color, but in the muted tones of a dream. Or underwater swimmer. She likens it to being half awake, and half asleep. A definitive nod to her commitment to her PHD in psychotherapy training. A linked visual diary, so to speak.


Analog Photography Art


It’s womens’ issues, and just sheer femininity, that play a large part in what can only be described as ‘mixed media photography’. Her inspiration comes from everyday life, recorded in large part because she has a camera everywhere she goes. Her photographs, whether using film or Polaroid, are many times seamlessly integrated with a rainbow splash of watercolors.


Analog Photography Art


We hope to see more from this analog artist and her using the medium as a a life size lab in photography and therapy. She has taken the banality of life and injected the therapists couch. No mean feat. Find Mamiya RB67



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