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Dolls Kill

the company, is really based on one premise,…F* You! Inspiration came by way of distorting the norm in fashion,…and maybe a drug induced rave. The typical Dolls Kill is almost expected to raise hell and give Mommy and Daddy heartburn. Navigating the site to find something to piss someone off is pretty easy.


Dolls Kill


Dolls Kill has Options

As all bad girls should. This is not trailer trash fashion,…it’s cyber punk fashion. There’s a difference. As any modern gal will tell you, this is a world of chaos, and only a good rave will make it sane again! And Dolls Kill has got the attire you need to help.

Husband and wife team Shaudi Lynn and Bobby Farahi are the co-founders of Dolls Kill that have turned this 5 year old San Francisco company into an online fashion ‘must-have’ apparel giant. Well, not “giant” like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, but “the kids are doing alright”, as some old rock group would say. Their philosophy is to produce a sexed up Lolita brand of punk/goth threads. Why no one thought of this before seems moot at this point.







From an Idea

Founded in 2011, Dolls Kill is the new online result of social networking and do what the f* you like marketing. They are the new business models for eschewing print and media advertising. Word of mouth social interaction is the ticket, and they know it. Young and tech savvy, and making the most of the Instagrams and Snapchats of this cyberspace brave new world.




Dolls Kill has built a following on Instagram exceeding a quarter million followers. Take that, Dolce and Gabbana. For a company just launched 5-6 years ago, they’ve impressed even the most cynical of businessmen.

And anyway,…who doesn’t like hot chicks. Whether you’re a Goth, Rivethead, Punker or Boho chick,  Dolls Kill has you covered.

Of course, now they have a CEO and Board of Directors.  As they continue to expand worldwide, you just knew that shit was gonna happen. But they’ve somehow, through this “gentrification”, been able to maintain a semblance of their drug induced, over the edge image. Maybe Steve Aoki and Henry Rollins are on the board. Hey,…ya never know.


dolls kill





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