Colin Dodgson – Doing It Right

Colin Dodgson was born in 1984 in Southern California. Colin wanted to be a professional surfer as a kid. But……if he was going to be a photographer, he was gonna “do it right”.

Brooks Institute – Doing It Right

However, after high school, he decided to attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, which is pretty much the west coast Harvard of photography. The talent he exuded from a simple 35mm film camera became quickly obvious to his teachers. So they provided him with some important connections. Hence, his taking of for that city on the hill,… New York, in 2006.


Nikon F3
© Colin Dodgson


Nikon F5
© Colin Dodgson


In a short time, Colin was shooting for various indie magazines like Arkitip and The Journal. But his personal work is what caught everyone’s attention. Weird, moody images of his friends that exemplified both youth and humor in an almost dreamlike environment. In 2009 he had the moxy to exhibit in an empty storefront on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and in 2011 he held another exhibition in a friends Soho apartment!


Nikon FM2n
© Colin Dodgson


Nikon F4s
© Colin Dodgson


Colin Dodgson – From NY to London

Nowadays, he splits his time between New York and London and much of his work has been featured in Document Journal, W Magazine, British Vogue, T Magazine, Gentlewoman, I-D, Re-Edition Magazine, Love, Another, V Man, American Vogue, Dazed, Pop Magazine, Oyster and Arena Homme, among others. Along with his contemporaries, Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth,…and others, he is noted for his analog documentation of youth and fashion.


Canon A-1
© Colin Dodgson


Nikon F2AS
© Colin Dodgson


His advertising campaigns have included Zara, Carven and Vivienne Westwood Red Label, DKNY and Simone Rocha. Most recently. As he noted in an interview, “I actually didn’t choose to work with film, rather it was the only medium I learned how to use. When I was in school it was the only medium that was taught. It was a very technical education.” That said, his soft tones and soft lighting style has probably benefited from film. See his website below to enjoy more of his work and ride along on his skyrocketing career.



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