What is Anatomy Films?

Anatomy Films is dedicated not only to all photography, but any photography in any genre that is “real” and for the most part imparts an emotion. We’re a bunch of cool analogue and hybrid people. Well,…at least we think we’re “cool”, and that’s half the battle. 😁 Although we each do our own thing,…mono, color, hybrid, silver prints, giclee’ prints, etc., we all have one great goal; To have some groovy things to show and sell, and treat others as we’d like to be treated. Some ideas are youthful and some are archaic. But all reflect our interests. We’re from all over, so we tend to think we’re sorta hip. Probably not. 😒 But we know our visitors are. One out of two ain’t bad!

For the photographers who have contacted us, including Gregory Crewdson, Les Krims, Ellen Rogers, Halim InaToby Deveson, Mathias Sweet, Birgit Buchart over at Lomography… and more,…we are excited to play a small part in continuing to expose both new and old imaging and designs.





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