Time for a New Sprocket Rocket?

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Seven years after its original launch, Lomography has released a brand new edition of the magical Sprocket Rocket! The Sprocket Rocket SUPER POP! It’s “teal” 2.0 is, with its popping teal suit an eye catcher, just like the photos it creates. It took me awhile to post this, (a week), since I was unclear if there were other modifications,….other than color.


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop


The Lomo Statement: Color

The Sprocket Rocket has been a favorite for photographers because of its’ obvious analogue aesthetics. It’s still the worlds only camera that exposes your regular 35 mm film ALL the way to the very last inch and thus captures the wonderful sprocket holes of your film on your photo. Plus, with its’ unique 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio, as well as the wide 30 mm lens, the Sprocket Rocket creates a wonderful 160° field of view and gives you the option of expanding it even more by using the rewind knobs to blend together landscapes.

  • Focal Length: 30 mm

  • Standard image size: 72 × 35 mm

  • Frame insert: 70 × 24 mm

  • Focusing zones: 0,6 m – 1 m, 1 m – infinity

  • Shutter Speeds: 1/100, Bulb

  • Aperture: f/10.8, f/16

  • Film Stopping Indicator: White Dot

  • Multiple Exposures: Unlimited

  • Tripod Mount: Yes

  • Hot-shoe Mount: Yes


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop


So What’s the Big Deal?

While originally released in 2011, Lomography thought it was about time for a makeover for this memory maker. The original  Sprocket Rocket is back and better than ever before, rocking a teal suit and silver scrolling knobs. However, it’s still a Sprocket Rocket. Cool? Yeah. But if you have the original, and you’re not a collector of color variants,…it’s still a Sprocket Rocket.


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop


Sprocket Rocket Super Pop

That said, at the magical price of about $60 in the new ‘Super Pop’ colors, how can you go wrong? Lomography has always been dedicated to spreading experimental photography around the world. An ode to analogue sincerity, their candid, light leak licked and color splashed snaps pull at your heartstrings. So, if you’re an analogue geek, and don’t want to spend much money, (anti-digital?), I guess this is your ticket.


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