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  • Emma Picq

    Emma Picq – Love of Grain

    Emma Picq is a Paris-based photographer whose work has appeared in numerous magazines. Including Vogue, Rolling Stone, Jalouse and Marie Claire and Vice. Plus she’s become a favorite of clients like…

  • Collier Schorr

    Collier Schorr – The End Game

    Collier Schorr is an American photographer who was born in New York City in 1963, and attended New York’s School of Visual Arts. She still resides there. (Brooklyn) Her original claim…

  • Cheryl Dunn

    Cheryl Dunn – Street Wise

    Cheryl Dunn was born across the river in New Jersey, and is now a New York City based photographer. While many refer to her as a street photographer and documentary filmmaker,…

  • AmazonBasics Flash

    The $28 Wonder

    The AmazonBasics Flash is one of those flashes that works as well on analog cameras as digital. What’s weird is that Amazon pretty much promotes it as a digital flash. I…

  • 2018 Pirelli

    Tim Walker and the 2018 Pirelli Calendar

    Tim Walker is a pretty big name in fashion photography these days. His pick to be the 2018 Pirelli calendar photographer is a great honor. (it’s about time) That they will…

  • Thomas Ruff

    Thomas Ruff – The Portraits

    Is Thomas Ruff a photographer or artist? Both. Thomas Ruff was born in Germany in 1958. He still lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He shares a studio in Düsseldorf’s Hansaallee,…