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  • AmazonBasics Flash

    The $28 Wonder

    The AmazonBasics Flash is one of those flashes that works as well on analog cameras as digital. What’s weird is that Amazon pretty much promotes it as a digital flash. I…

  • 2018 Pirelli

    Tim Walker and the 2018 Pirelli Calendar

    Tim Walker is a pretty big name in fashion photography these days. His pick to be the 2018 Pirelli calendar photographer is a great honor. (it’s about time) That they will…

  • Thomas Ruff

    Thomas Ruff – The Portraits

    Is Thomas Ruff a photographer or artist? Both. Thomas Ruff was born in Germany in 1958. He still lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He shares a studio in Düsseldorf’s Hansaallee,…